Computer Technical Assistance for updating and digitizing the technical files of thirteen state-owned dams of the Júcar River Basin.

Position: Jefe de proyecto.
Recipients: TYPSA for the Júcar River Basin Authority. 2020.

The work carried out corresponds to the analysis, design and development of the XWPFPresas computer application that supports the management of the Technical Files of Dams of the Júcar River Basin Authority, and which in summary have consisted of:

  • Analysis, design and development of a desktop application for the management of the Technical Files of CHJ Dams with the following characteristics:
    • SQL Server 2016 database.
    • Microsoft .NET technology with C# language and EF and WPF frameworks.
  • Processes of transformation, debugging and massive data loading of the technical files of 23 dams.
  • Drafting of User Manual.