Analysis and diagnosis of the needs for bus shelters and proposals for improving accessibility and road safety at public transport stops in the province of Seville, excluding the sphere of competence of the Seville Metropolitan Transport Consortium. 015/2021- SERV.

Position: Head of project.
Recipients: Territorial Delegation of the Regional Ministry of Development, Infrastructure and Territory Planning in Seville. Government of Andalusia. 2021.

The work carried out corresponds to the identification, analysis and diagnosis of regular public transport stops for general use in the province of Seville, excluding the sphere of competence of the Public Transport Consortium of the Province of Seville, determining for each stop if there is a marquee and /or information post at that point, equipment and, if so, the state of conservation and the specific maintenance needs required. Likewise, the analysis of the accessibility and road safety of the stops is included, and they have schematically consisted of:

  • Identification and determination of the points where the regular transport lines for general use of the Junta de Andalucía stop in the province of Seville within the territorial scope of the Territorial Delegation of the Ministry of Development, Infrastructure and Territorial Planning In sevilla. (1029 points).
  • Elaboration of Work Plan and File Model: Field, Diagnosis and Proposal File Model.
  • Field work to verify the existence and analysis of the characteristics and condition of the equipment, accessibility and road safety.
  • Writing of Diagnosis Memory, Evaluation of the situation of the stops and Proposal of actions.
  • Development of database, GIS project and report.
  • The GIS tools and formats used in the development of the work have been: SQLite database, Geopackage format, desktop GIS QGIS and QField for field work.