PROVISION OF INFORMATION ON SEVERAL STATISTICAL ACTIVITIES OF P.E.C.A. 2013- 2020. Lot 3. Databases of registrations of Andalusian Companies, December 2018 / January 2021.

Position: Head of project.
Recipients: Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia. 2022.

The work carried out has consisted in summary of the provision in electronic format, in databases, of the registry acts related to the constitution, increase and reduction of capital, disbursement of passive dividends, transformation, split, merger, dissolution, extinction and different phases bankruptcy of Andalusian commercial companies published in the Official Gazette of the Mercantile Registry (BORME), as well as the CIF and CNAE of said entities.

To carry out these works, a set of automation routines have been developed for the download, reading, transformation, enrichment and data validation processes developed using the R programming language and SQLite as a support database.

The processed data has fed the official Statistics on Andalusian Mercantile Companies between December 2018 and March 2022.