Computer technical assistance for the creation of a open spatial database to store and manage the data compiled in the catalog of hydraulic sanitation infrastructures of the Comunidad Valenciana.

Position: Head of project.
Recipients: TYPSA for the Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergencies and Ecological Transition. Government of Valencia. 2022.

The works carried out have consisted schematically of:

  • Definition and implementation of the data model of the Catalog of Hydraulic Infrastructures for Sanitation of the Valencian Community as a Postgresql / Postgis database.
  • Implementation of the model, in tests, as an alternative or exchange, in SQLite / Geopackage database.
  • Download of geospatial and alphanumeric EIEL data, processing and loading of data.
  • Integration of EIEL municipal data.
  • Ingestion and integration of information from municipalities and management organizations.
  • Implementation, loading and integration of geospatial and alphanumeric sanitation data from EPSAR, DGA, Global Omnium and other sources.
  • Downloading of data from administrative divisions, populations and nuclei of the CNIG, loading, integration and debugging of geospatial data.
  • Development of QGIS base project for visualization and consultation of data available in the database.
  • Design and implementation of data mining queries.
  • WebGIS application. Deployment, adaptation, customization and start-up of a WebGIS application with access control for consultation, alphanumeric editing and validation by the municipalities of the information collected from the sanitation infrastructures of each one of them. It has also had access enabled for the CHJ and the Diputación de Castellón.
  • WebGIS application maintenance for 14 months.