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SaneaCLM: Information System of Sanitation of Urban Wastewater Treatment in Castilla–La Mancha.

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Spatial Data Infrastructure of TYPSA Group.

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Brocal: Geographic Information System of Groundwater Quality in the Guadalquivir River Basin.

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Brocal System: Geographic Information System of Groundwater Quality in Guadalquivir River Basin.

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Guadalquivir in the Report of the Pilot River Basin Group on Agriculture

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WFD & Agriculture: the Pilot River Basin of Guadalquivir.

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WFD and Agriculture: Spatial Data Management in the Guadalquivir Pilot River Basin.

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Morphological pressures in Guadalquivir River Basin: from the photo-interpretation to the spatial analysis.

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Characterization of compensatory measures of the A-381 highway, Jerez-Los Barrios. Actions related to water resources.

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Barrier effect on wildlife and correction measures on the A-381 highway.

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Ecological characterization of the effects of a fish mortality event in the lower stretch of the Barbate River (Cádiz).

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ATLAS DE ANDALUCÍA. Vol. I: General Cartography (1:100.000). Serie Land Uses.

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Mapping and Statistics of Land Use and Land Cover in Andalusia. Monitoring 1976-1991.

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The Map of Land Uses and Land Cover of Andalusia and its integration into a program to monitor the changes in the territory.

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The Land Cover Map of Andalusia 1991. Methodological aspects and perspectives.

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Application of a methodology for the Ecological Evaluation in a Mediterranean environment.


Growth trends in populations of Salicornia ramossisima J. Woods.

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Distribution and mineral nutrition of Salicornia ramossisima J. Woods, Salicornia europaea L. y Salicornia dolichostachya Moss. in the estuary of rivers Odiel and Tinto (Huelva, SW España).

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