Geographic Information System of Groundwater Quality in the Guadalquivir River.

Position: Head of project.
Recipients: Guadalquivir River Basin Authority. 2011.

In the framework of the project of exploitation of the quality control network of the groundwater of the Guadalquivir Basin was developed the Brocal system. It is a Geographic Information System in a web environment that supports both information management tasks and its alphanumeric, graphic and geographic exploitation. Brocal is integrated by a Java application (J2EE) with three-layer architecture and webgis client, an OGC map server and a database with spatial support:

  • BD: Oracle
  • GIS Server: Geoserver
  • Print Server: MapFishPrint
  • Report Server: JasperReports
  • App J2EE Frameworks: ExtJS, OpenLayers, JSF-RichFace, Spring, JPA-EclipseLink.