Brocal: Geographic Information System of Groundwater Quality in the Guadalquivir River Basin.


Brocal is a Geographic Information System in a web environment that supports both the management of information on the quality of groundwater and its alphanumeric, graphic and geographical exploitation. It is a technologically advanced system, aligning with the latest development trends in the technologies of spatial information and web environment and mainly based in open sources free software components. It is integrated by a web application developed in Java (JEE) with three-layer architecture and webgis client, an OGC map server and a database with spatial support. Brocal is initially displayed as a webgis viewer with the capabilities of Navigation, Layer Control, Legends, Locators (Water Body, Province, Municipality), Printing and Identification of elements in the layers. To these more or less usual capacities are joined other two specific ones, for Sampling Points and Water Masses: the alphanumeric and graphic query of time series of data, the generation of parametric thematic maps. The profiles limited to the query capabilities are two; the first one is a public profile that corresponds to any user who starts the application in their browser and to whom all the above-mentioned functionality is offered except the production of thematic maps. To access the functionality of thematic maps, the user must be registered and log in correctly. Users registered under the publisher profile are allowed to register, download and modify Samples and Measurements, Sampling Points, Parameters, Networks, Norms and Limits, as well as the import of data through exchange files from LIMS and the export of data to exchange files type FIC. Brocal allows the permanent public dissemination of information being in operation since June 2012.

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