Guadalquivir in the Report of the Pilot River Basin Group on Agriculture


The European Water Framework Directive, WFD, has established a common framework in the water policy among the member countries of the EU, with the main objective of achieving the good state of the masses of surface and groundwater by 2015. The interrelationships between the Water Framework Directive and the Common Agricultural Policy are as complex as the interrelationships between water and agriculture. After a number of pilot basins analyzed and revised the methodological guidelines, in the Phase I, a Group on WFD and Agriculture was established for Phase II. Its main objectives are to identify the issues that affect the ability of Member States to achieve the objectives of the WFD due to the pressures of agricultural origin and, suggest how to better control the risk of not achieving these objectives, taking into account the opportunities of the CAP reform. The Pilot Basins component plays an important role in the development of the activity entrusted to this group. Spain participates in this network with the Guadalquivir Basin.

Experiences in Analysis of Pressures and Impacts from Agriculture on Water Resources and Developing a related Programme of Measures. Report of the Pilot River Basin Group on Agriculture, Phase II period September 2005 – December 2006. Edited by M. Cherlet. Institute for Environment and Sustainability. EUR 22808 EN, ISBN 978-92-79-06228-5. 2007.